HR Policy Studies





The HPS Department supports all GHR training activities. It monitors international human rights negotiations, covers all meetings of UN human rights bodies, analyzes the main trends, and informs our trainers and partners in the field. Logically, HPS is entrusted with the preparation of GHR brainstorming sessions and Expert Seminars.

Internship & Fellowship Programme (IFP)

HPS has a multidisciplinary and cross-regional team. Unpaid Internships and fellowships are from 3 to 6 months. GHR selects students and graduates in international relations, international law, human rights, political science and economics, who are motivated in the promotion and protection of human rights and social justice.

GHR considers internships as a training. The interns participate in the weekly study meetings and in the Geneva Courses. In addition, long-term interns are assigned specific study projects corresponding, where possible, to the theme of their forthcoming thesis, and coinciding with GHR thematic priorities. GHR also ensures the necessary follow-up to these long-term internships, by facilitating their placement in specialized institutes for their PhD and their search for jobs. In 2015, HPS welcomed 28 interns and fellows.

Senior Management Team

Since 2008, GHR Secretariat is directed under the authority of the Bureau by the Senior Management Team (SMT), which meets once a week. The SMT is composed of the Head of the Departments and a few long-term interns. During the first Semester 2016, Isabelle Gallino, Thomas Harris and Federica Parisoli joined Adrien-Claude Zoller and Nicolas Zoller. From September to December, Giulia Squadrin coordinated the interns.