HPS interns from Intern and Fellowship Program




The HPS Department supports all GHR training activities. It monitors international human rights negotiations, covers all meetings of UN human rights bodies, analyzes the main trends, and informs our trainers and partners in the field. Logically, HPS is entrusted with the preparation of GHR brainstorming sessions and Expert Seminars.


GHR Experts Seminars (GSS)

Defenders and NGOs in the regions work under difficult conditions. The 1997 consultation process with partners in the regions highlighted their demand for immediate implementation of the international standards, and their specific concerns for humanitarian law; macroeconomic issues (economic system as source of violations); the struggle against impunity; and the protection of defenders. Other main concerns emerged more recently in our working relations with partners: indigenous peoples’ rights and violence against women. All these issues are critical in all GHR Courses and Seminars.

To sensitize actors at the HR-Council on such issues, GHR convened since 2009 Expert Seminars in Geneva on Caste Discrimination (2009), International Humanitarian Law (September 2010, June 2011), Trends in the HR-Council (March 2011), Transitional Justice (September 2011), Minorities (November 2011), Enforced Disappearances (Nov. 2012, Nov. 2013, September 2014), Religious Freedom (December 2012), Business and Human Rights (May and December 2013, December 2014), the Anniversary of the World Conference (June 2013) and International Criminal Law (May 2014).

In 2015, GHR Expert Seminars focused onBusiness and Human Rights, Religions and gender-related rights, and Religions, Conflicts and Minorities

The lack of funding prevented GHR to realize three other Seminars planned on enforced disappearances, indigenous peoples (follow-up to the World Conference) and criminal law.


United Nations Monitoring (UNM)

 Under this programme, HPS attends all the ordinary and special sessions of the HR-Council and its mechanisms. It also monitors all the meetings of the treaty bodies taking place in Geneva. The programme prepares analytical summaries of the sessions as well as special documentation at the request of coalitions and networks in the regions. This will be again the priority of the HPS Department in 2013 and 2014. Special attention shall be given to the ongoing and new trends in the deliberations and decisions of all these UN bodies.


Internship & Fellowship Programme (IFP)

HPS has a multidisciplinary and cross-regional team. Unpaid Internships and fellowships are from 3 to 6 months. GHR selects students and graduates in international relations, international law, human rights, political science and economics, who are motivated in the promotion and protection of human rights and social justice.

GHR considers internships as a training. The interns participate in the weekly study meetings and in the Geneva Courses. In addition, long-term interns are assigned specific study projects corresponding, where possible, to the theme of their forthcoming thesis, and coinciding with GHR thematic priorities. GHR also ensures the necessary follow-up to these long-term internships, by facilitating their placement in specialized institutes for their PhD and their search for jobs. In 2015, HPS welcomed 28 interns and fellows.