For Specific Stakeholders

Course for students of the University of Padova
(Geneva, 21 May 2013)

On 21 May, GHR gave a Course to a group of students from the University of Padova having a one-week study trip in Geneva. Thirty-eight students attended. The Course concerned the international context of the initiatives of the UN (former) Commission of Human Rights and HR-Council. It explained the UPR mechanism and proposed an assessment of the work of the HR-Council, the treaty bodies and the OHCHR. Having close working relations with the Human Rights Centre of the Padova University, GHR had meetings with Prof. Cinzia Clemente, Prof. Paolo de Stefani and Ms. Claudia Pividori (a former GHR trainee).

Lecture at the German Chinese Human Rights Forum
(Geneva, 9 June 2013)

At the invitation of the F. Ebert Foundation, GHR contributed to the debates during the XI German Chinese Human Rights Dialogue (Geneva, 9 to 12 June). Adrien-Claude Zoller intervened on the first day with a synthesis on the experiences from the first cycle of the Universal Periodic Review. He further exchanged views on the importance of UPR with the members of the Chinese and German Delegations.

Annual German partners’ Conference on the HR-Council
(Bossey, 7 and 8 October 2013)

Adrien-Claude Zoller participated in the (annual) International Conference convened by the F. Ebert Foundation, the Forum Human Rights and the German Institute for Human Rights on the HR-Council. These of the 2013 Conference was: ‘The HRC – a mechanism for access to justice ? Role, impact and expectations of civil society’ (Bossey, Ecumenical Institute, 7 and 8 October 2013). He presented a communication on the country-resolutions of the HR-Council and on the Commissions of Inquiry set-up by the HR-Council.

Training for OHCHR on Minorities
(Geneva, 5 November 2013)

At the invitation of OHCHR, Adrien-Claude Zoller gave a Course in the Palais des Nations to Minority Fellows and staff of the OHCHR on the theme: ‘Minority rights in the League of Nations and in the UN system’. Given on the eve of the 6th session of the UN Forum on Minority Issues, this Course focused on the different international policies regarding minority protection. 13 fellows and students attended the class. They came from England, Canada, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sudan, Latvia, Nepal, and Colombia.

Course at the University of Padova
(12 and 13 November 2013)

The Masters programme of the University of Padova has set-up a ‘Padova Human Rights Laboratory’, inviting field experts in human rights and humanitarian action, international organizations’ officers, diplomats, practitioners, and scholars from foreign universities and research centres to address students and the faculty and report on their experience and studies. On 12 and 13 November 2013, Adrien-Claude Zoller contributed to the first Human Rights Laboratory. Theme of his Course was ‘The decision making process in the UN regarding human rights violations since 1945’.